12 Sep

StormLifestyle is back up

Hey guys! Long time no update, but long story short: my website was getting cluttered, I experienced┬áhosting troubles with it because of that and I basically ended up having to reboot my website. And now I’m here with a pretty empty website, haha!

I will post a bigger update soon, but for now: I am well and things are going well in my life: I’ve beeb┬ávery busy with personal training and online coaching, and quite successful in both endeavors. I’ve been a part of Bell Coaching for a while, and grateful to be a Co-Coach for Richard. We are currently mainly focusing on the Dutch audience and expanding our Dutch territory, but sooner or later we will also publish an English page with English content. Expect a lot of my content there, old updated ones and new ones alike. I will make sure I put most of the stuff I had for StormLifestyle back up, but for new content: stay tuned!