About Chris


Hey there, and welcome to my personal page! My name is Chris and I am a passionate athlete, certified sports dietician, online personal coach and Bayesian Bodybuilding + NASM certified personal trainer. I am also co-coach and author at Bell-Coaching.

My passions and interests include getting stronger, acrobatics (tricking), nutrition, health science – and writing and sharing information about these topics! Because of my interest and passion for these topics I decided to launch a website entirely devoted to them, and to helping out others. I started StormLifestyle in November 2014 as a follow-up project to my tricking related website StormTricks.

My goal with StormLifestyle is to help people reach their physique, health, fitness and/or training related goals through nutrition and training guidance – subjects I’ve studied (and still am studying and forever will be studying in order to further increase my knowledge!) thoroughly and am very passionate about. I hope to educate, inspire and motivate people through the free content on the website and – for those interested – through online coaching services.

On this page I will briefly share some of my background. If you are interested in reading about my personal transformation throughout the years: I devoted an entire page to that!



Who is Tats?

Let’s get this out of the way. You may wonder what the name “Tats” is that you will sometimes see on the website, in videos or in the articles. It is simply the alias/nickname I created when I got involved into the online tricking community back in 2006! If you are wondering what tricking is: observe the video below.

 I still refer to “Tats” frequently because I think it’s humorous. Tats will forever live on in my tricking videos, and as “Chef Tats” – the crazy Viking chef! Some roots are too good to abandon, so I will not!

For those interested: a quick background sketch of my development over the years:

2004: The Start of my Journey

In 2004 my passion for health and athletics began when I discovered the acrobatic sport Tricking. Through tricking I got interested in nutrition and strength training – as I discovered these were crucial factors in the process of creating the strong, healthy and athletic body I desired. I wanted to become strong, look good and learn about these subjects. I was fascinated and dedicated a lot of time to experimentation and expanding my knowledge. There was a lot of trial and error involved, but I’ve learned from all the mistakes. Over the years I managed to make sense out of it all for myself – and ever since then I’ve had a desire to help people reach their personal fitness, physique and health related goals. Click to read how I went from skinny to less skinny.

2004-2013 in a Nutshell

In 2008 I started studying Nutrition & Dietetics, and I graduated in 2012. In 2013 I did a follow-up course specializing in sports dietetics. As of 2013, I’m a certified sportdietician.

In 2008 I also launched a personal website, which I called StormTricks. Over the years, StormTricks grew from being a tricking-only page to a website devoted entirely to improving the human body in various ways. I was passionate about training, nutrition, flexibility, mobility and the like, and I started writing about these subjects. I reached out to quite a few people and received a lot of positive feedback. StormTricks would eventually evolve into StormLifestyle.

2014: StormLifestyle is born

I launched StormLifestyle in November 2014 with clear goals in mind. StormLifestyle would become my website, featuring the free informative and entertaining content I had on StormTricks – but it would also function as an online coaching platform. My current ambition is to let StormLifestyle grow, and to help those who are interested in guidance towards achieving an awesome physique and lifestyle. Be it through the informative content on the website, or the coaching services!

If you are interested in what I have to offer, please look around on the Online Coaching page. Thank you for your time and interest, and I hope you enjoy the content that Storm Lifestyle has to offer!