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Effective Nutrition for Body Recomposition (2015)

I decided to update and re-write my content on “effective dieting”. It’s going to be a bit deeper and will feature some excellent updated insights. I am currently working on finalizing these series. Please stay tuned, all the links will become available in time! Until then, check out the 2014 articles!

  1. Intro to Effective Nutrition: The Journey Towards Making Gains 
  2. Energy Balance: Understanding Its Critical Importance
  3. Defining your Goal: Prioritizing Fat loss or Muscle Gain
  4. Setting Caloric Intake for Your Goal
  5. Setting Macronutrients
    1. Protein: An In-Depth Look
    2. Fats: An In-Depth Look
    3. Carbs: An In-Depth Look
    4. Macro Ranges & Diet Flexibility
  6. Meal Timing & Macro Distribution
  7. Diet “Quality” (Micronutrients, Fiber, Water)
  8. Tracking body-recomp changes and making adjustments to nutrition
  9. Example: Tats’ Dieting Quest

How to set up an effective diet (Ye Olde 2014 Series)

Until I finish the “renewed series”, here are links to the old write-ups. I still stand by pretty much everything I recommend here, which is why I decide to keep them here until I finalize the updated ones!

  1. Determining Calorie & Macro Needs for your Goals
  2. Self-Monitoring for Success
  3. Making Effective Adjustments
  4. Math Example: Tats’ Dieting Quest

On various Dieting approaches:

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