Recipes & Meal Ideas!

Since I love food and cooking up creative meals – that usually also fit my macros – it makes sense to dedicate a big part of StormLifestyle to recipes and meal ideas! 

For the recipes I directly listed the macros for convenience (Protein Carbs / Fats). Most of these recipes are moderate-high in protein, not very hard to prepare, usually quite delicious, and sometimes they are weird/creative/unique (you get the idea). I would say most of these recipes fit well into a “healthy” training lifestyle! Please note: macros will obviously change a bit if you use different ingredients or brands of products!

For random meal ideas, also check out the “Meal Ideas” & “Meal Contributions” pages. Have fun cooking!

Recipes (Protein-Powder based)

Drinking protein shakes sucks (sorry if I hurt your feelings). Cooking and baking foods with protein powder is much more enjoyable!

Recipes (Whole Foods based)

Whole foods > protein powder. Usually, hah! Most of these recipes are macrofriendly and fit a “PSMF / lowkcal day” scenario – unless stated otherwise!

“Meal Templates”

Instead of a “direct recipe”, here are some nifty meal templates!

More Random Meal Ideas!

I decided to give these sections their own page instead of cluttering it all on the recipe page. Click on the links below for my random meal ideas (no exact recipes and the macros aren’t always listed – these are just pictures from meals + a description > simply to share some food creativity and meal ideas!) and for some awesome meal idea contributions from StormLifestyle supporters and clients!