Online Coaching

My take on online coaching, in a nutshell:

  1. You shoot me an email at and tell me about your fitness/strength/physique related goals and wishes.
  2. I will let you know if I can take in new clients and send you an intake-form. It’s quite lengthy, because I need to know a lot about you in order to make a good plan of attack for you. If I cannot take you in as a client at the moment, I will give you an indication of when we can start working together.
  3. You fill in the intake form and send it back to me. If I deem it necessary, I will contact you for additional data. I require a good background sketch of your situation, after all!
  4. When I have everything I need to know about you – and we both agree to start working together – I will ask you to make the first payment. After receiving the initial payment  I will start working on your personal training and nutrition program. I require approximately 1 week to set everything up.
  5. After receiving the documents, you get started on your mission towards creating an even more powerful version of yourself. We will be in frequent contact through mail: check-ins at least once per week, but you can contact me anytime during the coaching period.  You will be updating an Excel file (a training + nutrition log, basically) regularly – and we will be using email to send the files back and forth. This way I can provide you with effective feedback to fine-tune your plan, so you can keep progressing.

The nutrition & training programmes I create are customized to fit you, your goals, wishes and your schedule. My role as an online coach will be to guide, support and educate you on your way towards your goals. My goal is to arm you with the skills and knowledge necessary to realize a successful transformation. I’ll be your coach and hope to become your friend in gains as well!

Reponse time

I will respond by 0:00 the next day after receiving your email with questions and/or updated program – so expect a reply within max 48 hours.


Please contact me at to ask about my rates for online coaching. My rates will differ per person: the more advanced/complicated your case – think injuries and practising multiple sports in which you wish to excel – the more time I spend on your plan, the higher the rates. After you fill out my intake form and send it back to me I can make an estimate of the pricing. As I mentioned above, I generally ask people to commit to the coaching for a minimum of 12 weeks (approximately 3 months).

Next to online coaching, I also offer One-Time Consults. This involves receiving a personal log for tracking, including a full training + diet plan. Upon receiving the documents, you will have 1 week to ask me anything about it through mail, so that everything is 100% clear for you. After that, the service is over. Same scenario here: please contact me for the rates!

Discount Possibilities

  • If you are a client and you wish to extend your coaching program beyond 6 months, I will offer you a discount for follow-up coaching.
  • I will offer you a discount if you are willing to write me a testimonial and allow me to use your before & after pictures (face blurred out if so preferred) to be published on the website. Obviously this will happen after a few months of coaching, since a transformation takes time!
  • Please contact me for discount details.